Increase Profitability through Continuous Quality Improvement


Programme Overview

Redefine your business processes, reduce costs, create more value and improve productivity. In difficult economic times organizations are forced to look for ways to improve their Business Results in order to survive and move forward. Many companies often ignore the importance of continuous quality improvement models and techniques that can give them a way to become profitable and have better outcomes. Companies now, more than ever before need to redefine the way they do business, find ways to reduce their costs especially quality costs, improve their processes to make them value creating process and improve their productivity

Course Outline

  • Introduction and Course Objectives
  • Video case and analysis
  • Introduction to a continuous quality improvement model and how it can be used to improve business results
  • What is quality?
  • The importance of Quality
  • Introduction to a continuous quality improvement model
  • How can this be used to improve business results
  • Deming, Juran, Crosby and other quality gurus
  • Quality in Manufacturing And Services
  • The Motorola Improvement framework, the Xerox model and other models
  • The six sigma model
  • Presentation of model through case study and discussion
  • Deming’s wheel – Plan – Do – Check – Act Cycle
  • Description of the four areas of the cycle
  • Examples of application
  • Discussion of practical example and implementation of Deming wheel cycle
  • Quality Costs
  • Internal vs External Costs
  • Appraisal Costs
  • Prevention Costs
  • Exercises
  • Summary and conclusions


Takis Stylianides

Dr. Stylianides Christodoulos, CEng, BSc Chemical Engineering (University College, London); MS, Industrial Engineering & Management; PhD Industrial Engineering & Management (North Dakota State University); Professor Emeritus, CIIM.

Managers and decision makers from all industry sectors, Operations Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Supervisors, Department heads

The focus of the programme is to explain to the participants the importance of continuous improvement and demonstrate models, tools, techniques and their application to increase business profitability

  • Explain the existing continuous quality improvement models that can be implemented when participants return to their organizations
  • Demonstrate tools and techniques that can be applied upon completion of the seminar
  • Explain value adding processes
  • Discuss the Deming wheel and how it can be used to improve a process
  • Discuss a model to categorize quality costs and means to reduce them
  • Illustrate cases of companies that have gone through the same process to improve their business results

Participants will learn a number of tools and techniques that can be immediately applied at their own organization after the seminar. Companies will benefit by improving their business results because of the application of a continuous improvement model.