Mobile Application Development


Programme Overview

The course will show all lifecycle of developing a complete mobile application

  • Analysis and specifications of the demo application
  • Database Implementation
  • Web Services
  • Mobile App Development (Hybrid)


Pantelis Seisoglou

Pantelis Seisoglou is an experienced consultant, IT Director and Project Manager to various IT projects worldwide. Has extensive experience in all IT lifecycle, from hardware to implementing IT software solutions of a variety of business areas and with the use of most modern tools available.

IT students and individuals who want to learn how to build a fully functional mobile application with the use of web services as middle tier. See in action how to think and what are the necessary steps to follow to build a brilliant mobile application for popular mobile platforms.

The course is focused on learning database design, how to create middle tier and functions for use with the mobile application and finally develop a Xamarin mobile application that will use and communicate with that middle tier to satisfy business specifications.

Students will get insight of steps and architectures used to develop a mobile application for the two dominant mobile operating systems and what is the role of Hybrid development in such projects.

Will convert the individual to a fully experienced professional with valuable hands-on experience on how to think to create a mobile application that is in great demand in today markets