Counselor Salesperson / Solution Sales


Programme Overview

The program consists of 4 three-hours webinars

1st Webinar: Customer, Sales, and Consultative Approach

This program is based on the belief that your knowledge about the products and services you sell will not alone influence buyers to do business with you. You need people skills as well. This module introduces the consultative sales process a successfully proven approach to sales that is based on people skills. The purpose of this module is to introduce the Counselor sales philosophy and the four phases of the Counselor sales process. In this module, you will learn to:

  • Approach buyers with a problem-solving attitude.
  • Describe the four phases of the Counselor process.
  • Become aware of how the Counselor process can increase one’s sales competence.

2nd Webinar: Sales Talk – Start and Ask

  • The “Start” module of The Counselor Salesperson program describes the first phase of the Consultative sales process — initiating a sales relationship and developing rapport. It is natural at the beginning of any new relationship to experience tension. The Counselor salesperson understands the nature of this tension. He or she takes responsibility for building the relationship by using Relating skills to communicate empathy and credibility to the buyer. The goal at this phase is to help the buyer perceive you as a competent, trustworthy problem-solving resource.
  • The “Ask” module of The Counselor Salesperson describes the second phase of the Consultative sales process — the information-gathering phase. Here, you have developed enough rapport that the buyer is willing to disclose information about his or her situation. Your goal is to understand opportunities in the buyer’s situation that you may be able to address while at the same time continue to build your credibility as a problem-solver.

3rd Webinar: Sales Talk – Give, Deal and Support

  • The “Give” module of The Counselor Salesperson program describes the third phase of the Consultative sales process recommending a solution. Here, you have a comprehensive picture of the buyer’s situation and understand how your products or services can help the buyer achieve his or her goals. Your task is to present your solution in a way that the buyer understands how it can help, to ask for the business, and to respond to any objections and concerns the buyer has.
  • The “Support” module of The Counselor Salesperson program describes the final phase of the Counselor sales process — servicing the sale. Supporting is, however, by no means the end of the process. A true Counselor Salesperson sees the Supporting phase as the beginning of a new relationship. In this phase, you provide the kind of attention and service that results in buyer satisfaction. Your goal is to have the buyer perceive you as an ongoing resource and someone with whom he or she would be proud to do business again and refer to business associates.

4th Webinar: Difficult Situations.

  • Customer indifference is one of the biggest challenges you may face. However, indifference is the perfect opportunity to show a real commitment to helping the client succeed. If you can help the client see how they can significantly improve their situation, then you will have contributed greatly to the client’s success.
  • The customer, at any point in the sales process, may express objection, hesitation or reluctance to take the commitment you are asking for. In general, customers raise three types of objections: mistrust, misconceptions and disadvantages. Two of these types are associated with needs you can satisfy (mistrust and misunderstanding). The third type of objection, helplessness, relates to a need that you cannot satisfy. The good news is that even this objection can be met.


Dimitris Vintzilaios

Dimitris Vintzilaios has been a General Manager of CIN Collaborative Interactive Network (1998-2001). Cin was offering e-collaboration and e-learning services and products.