Digital Transformation Strategy

From Operations to Customer Experience & Value Creation

Dates TBA

Executive Seminar – Certificate
A collaboration between Business Digital Academy (BDA) and the University of Piraeus (iLEADS Lab in Digital Transformation & Strategic Leadership)

Programme Overview

The digital age brings new challenges to leaders, managers and marketers. Organizations today face multiple changes in their culture, consumer behavior, competition, technology and market boundaries, making competitiveness an increasingly complex challenge in any industry. How do organizations need to respond to all these changes and the unprecedented growth of data? How does technological progress in the fields of AI, blockchain, big data and customer experience platforms challenge the nature of a firm and force incumbents and new entrants to rethink value creation and business model innovation in their business?

In this 4-day (8 Modules as Online Webinars each 3 hours with 15 min. break) executive training program, we lay out the framework for mastering strategy and creating value for organizations & their consumers in a world of digital disruption. The Executive Diploma in Digital Transformation Strategy is for business leaders and senior managers from both the public & the private sector, who want to develop a successful strategic roadmap in their organization and to lead and seize opportunities in the digital age.

Key Objectives & Course Description

• Module 1 – Transformation
Understand the new realities and challenges of competing in a digital world. Learn the fundamental difference between change and transformation, and how transformation is about creating a new future, without the constraints of the past.

• Module 2 – Growth Mindset & Culture
Learn how transformation requires a fundamental shift in multiple components of an organization. Analyze your business based on MIT’s model of digital transformation and best practices. Use the Growth Mindset to change the culture of an organization in order to prepare for the digital transformation.

• Module 3 – Strategic Thinking
Learn how to help a business to respond strategically to the opportunities & threats inside your organization and externally in the market. Through case studies and practical thinking exercises, you’ll stimulate your strategic thinking, learn to recognize patterns that impact strategy and enhance your abilities to generate new insights and ideas.

• Module 4 – Digital Innovation & New Business Models
Learn the latest trends of the market and how you can solve your business challenges by understanding the solutions under the umbrella of Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement and Business Optimization. Listen to customer stories, the solutions they chose and how they achieved great business outcomes. Also, through case studies (best practices), you will understand how Cloud, Mobile, the Internet of Things and AI can bring about the most rewarding business transformation in an organization.

• Modules 5 & 6 – Security & Blockchain
Learn about the capabilities and limitations of blockchain technology, and how it can enable you to assess which business problems it can solve. Understand a framework for a blockchain-based strategy that addresses the challenges within your own business context.

• Modules 7 & 8 – Customer Experience & Value Creation
Understand that transformation happens to create value to both organizations and customers, so value needs to be measured and transformation leaders need to ensure that gathering the right data will bring the right solutions. You will get the overview of an end to end customer journey, more in depth insights around ROI improvements and benefits. At the end you will be asked to think a real-life scenario and create a journey map, presenting the different “customer touchpoints”.

• Final Project
“Build the thing that will kill your business (disruption)”.


Yannis A. Pollalis, is a professor in the Department of Economics since 1999. He holds a PhD in Business Strategy & MIS, an MBA and a BSc in Economics

Eleni Poulimenea was born in 1990 in Athens. She holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Piraeus and a Master in Economic and Business Strategy.

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Participants should be managers and key buyer personals from all vertical markets concerned about productivity improvements and save costs.
All managers will contribute in identifying the firm productivity priorities and devising departmental KPIs.

Also we are happy to welcome IT Students and Business Analysts to understand the Business and Technology stack to build a CX landscape.

Critical to the success of any Customer Success Organization is the ability to be proactive in the approach we have with our customers. Taking the time to learn their business, pain points and goals in an effort to drive adoption is what will keep Technology vendors on the cutting edge of the Customer Experience industry. Even the best CSM can use some shoring up and that’s where this training opportunity from BDA Academy comes in. Questioning Strategies will help us craft our approach to securing EBRs, building strategic Customer Success Plans and leveraging those for the success of our customer.

In this session you’ll learn

  • Strategies for asking questions that get to the heart of the answer behind the answer
  • How to use softening statements to uncover unspoken objections
  • When to apply different questioning strategies to help navigate difficult conversations

The specific learning outcomes organized by objective are shown below:

  • Highlights the challenges facing businesses today
  • What customer experience means
  • The 6 key elements of a great customer experience
  • Common mistakes businesses make
  • How to apply each element in business for fast, profitable, sustainable growth.
  • What Exactly Is Customer Delight & Why Bother
  • How Do You Measure Up & Prioritising Your Actions
  • Be Easy To Deal With & Buy From
  • The potential of Customer Delight
  • From ‘Delighted’ To ‘Devoted’: It’s All About Consistency
  • Learn how to do Customer journey Mapping
  • What is customer Success Plan and why it is important
  • Understand what areas of business impact the customer experience
  • Know the 6 key elements of a great customer experience.
  • Measure the outcomes of optimizing Business Process
  • Identify key performance indicators
  • Improve ability to measure performance