Emerging Leaders Program

Dates TBA

Programme Overview

This course offers an introduction to key concepts in management and leadership for individuals who are preparing for their first experiences in supervisory positions or are relatively new to leadership positions. Over four sessions, the topics covered will include:

  • Leadership Foundations: the focus will be on major tenets in leadership, the role of context, and how to develop a leadership development plan aligned to current goals and organizational culture.
  • Managing Talent and Teams: the main dynamics and dysfunctions of a team will be discussed along with constructive approaches to conflict resolution. Emerging best practices in virtual teams will be addressed along with principles of effective meetings.
  • Understanding Projects and Problems: Understanding tradeoffs among approaches to guiding processes, making decisions, and solving problems. This will include techniques to foster creativity and an overview of design thinking and human-centered methodology.
  • Strategy Essentials: Exploring what strategy is – and is not – through basics of strategic formulation and implementation to equip participants to set goals and suppor and shape the future of the participants’ organizations.


Jeffrey Kappen

Dr. Jeffrey Kappen is a founder and managing partner of Bâton Global, a research-driven consulting firm working in the areas of strategy, leadership, and innovation.

This class is designed for professionals who have been or will soon be promoted into positions involving supervisory or leadership responsibilities for the first time. It would also be appropriate for leaders with 2-4 years of experience who have not had any formal introduction to course topics.

Based on the PLOC (planning, leading, organizing & controlling) model of management, this course provides rising professionals the essential knowledge and skills they will need as they advance in their careers.

Upon completing this course, participants will have acquired essential knowledge of the following topics as they start the next chapter of their careers:

  • Approaches to developing a leadership style
  • Bases for managing teams including developments in virtual teams
  • Essentials of coaching and talent development
  • Tactics for managing decisions and problems including design thinking
  • Foundational elements of strategic thinking and implementation

In industry we often find that outstanding individual contributors move up the ranks with the assumption that their previous performance in a functional role will quickly translate into new management responsibilities. However, at times these same high potential individuals find that they need additional knowledge and skills to thrive in their new roles. This course is designed to address common gaps in knowledge, skills, and abilities as people take on leadership roles and become more accountable for others’ outcomes and organizational goals.