Strategy Essential

Dates TBA

Programme Overview

Strategy involves the actions and plans through which an organization deploys resources to deliver value and achieve its mission. A sound strategy balances present and future goals, guides daily decisions, and provides the basis for effective communication. Developing a strategy is often seen as intimidating, complex, and extremely difficult. However, with the right approach and proven tools, a successful strategy does not require magic. It is a balance of art and science comprised of four key ingredients. This interactive seminar is designed to provide leaders an overview of a proven approach and practical guidance to prepare for future success.

The seminar will look at four main facets one must consider in crafting a strategic plan, namely:

  • An objective appraisal of an organization’s capabilities and resources
  • A profound, data-driven understanding of the environment
  • Creating big, simple objectives and projects of transformative change
  • Principles of effective execution

For each component, there will be hands-on exercises, tools, and group discussion. While one cannot usually write a robust plan in a few hours, participants will have a process, techniques, and resources they can use immediately to guide their teams’ work.


Jeffrey Kappen

Dr. Jeffrey Kappen is a founder and managing partner of Bâton Global, a research-driven consulting firm working in the areas of strategy, leadership, and innovation.

This seminar is designed for professionals who have not had a great deal of direct experience with strategic planning and are assuming those responsibilities or those who have some experience but would benefit from a formal process and framework.

The program will focus on four components of the strategic process, namely, external market analysis, appraisal of internal capabilities, goal setting, and performance management.

Upon completion of the seminar, participants will understand approaches to understanding the current and potential markets their organizations can serve, how to evaluate the knowledge and skills of their teams, guidelines for setting robust and effective projects, and tools to track performance and communicate success.

Upon completion of the seminar, participants will have a holistic view of the strategic planning process and example tools they can begin using immediately at work as they develop strategies for the upcoming year.