Strategy Essential

Dates TBA

Programme Overview

Strategy involves the actions and plans through which an organization deploys resources to deliver value and achieve its mission. A sound strategy balances present and future goals, guides daily decisions, and provides the basis for effective communication. Developing a strategy is often seen as intimidating, complex, and extremely difficult. However, with the right approach and proven tools, a successful strategy does not require magic. It is a balance of art and science comprised of four key ingredients. This interactive seminar is designed to provide leaders an overview of a proven approach and practical guidance to prepare for future success.

The seminar will look at four main facets one must consider in crafting a strategic plan, namely:

  • An objective appraisal of an organization’s capabilities and resources
  • A profound, data-driven understanding of the environment
  • Creating big, simple objectives and projects of transformative change
  • Principles of effective execution

For each component, there will be hands-on exercises, tools, and group discussion. While one cannot usually write a robust plan in a few hours, participants will have a process, techniques, and resources they can use immediately to guide their teams’ work.


Jeffrey Kappen

Dr. Jeffrey Kappen is a founder and managing partner of Bâton Global, a research-driven consulting firm working in the areas of strategy, leadership, and innovation.